Catalog of ATC Model OMRON Digital Laser Sensor

In the catalog the reader can find info around error output, sensor, operating rates, error, and laser sensors. There are many things related to sensing errors, fiber sensors, output sensors, and digital amplifier are presented in the catalog.

This catalog contains info related to threshold value, active threshold control, threshold control, the threshold value, and detection. The following are some excerpt from the catalog:

Digital Fiber Sensors E3X-DA@AT-S Glass substrate detection though view ports Chip component detection Technology Intelligently Solve Problems Onsite with The Sensing ATC Function A unique OMRON algorithm has been used that can determine whether changes have been caused by dust and dirt or by differences in workpieces. The threshold value is automatically adjusted by the Sensor according to changes to increase equipment operating rates by reducing sensing errors. This is particularly true in applications requiring high-precision detection.

Additionally, this catalog contains information regarding amplifier laser sensors, laser, amplifier laser, and errors.

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