Catalog of BOSCH Oxygen Sensor

In the catalog you can get description such as oxygen, and sensor. There are many explanation related to catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor are described inside the catalog.

The catalog tells the reader explanation like sensors, and an oxygen sensor. Here are excerpted from this catalog:

BOSCH OXYGEN SENSORS Euro MotoElectrics Original Equipment Oxygen Sensors for exact replacement for all fuel injected BMW motorcycles ! Some symptoms of failed oxygen sensors are: • • • • • Failed emissions test (high CO and/or HC typically) Damaged catalytic converter (caused by an over rich fuel mixture) Poor fuel mileage (caused by an over rich fuel mixture) Engine runs rough Sluggish performance If the “check engine” light comes on while driving, check your oxygen sensor, and if necessary replace it with a new premium Bosch Oxygen Sensor.

In addition, this catalog gives you information things like heated oxygen sensor, and oxygen sensors.

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