Catalog of Delphi Planar Oxygen Sensor

Many info about sensors, and sensor are described inside the catalog. The catalog presents discussion regarding oxygen, and sensor designs.

In the catalog the reader can find info regarding planar oxygen sensors, and oxygen sensors. Below are taken from the catalog:

Delphi planar oxygen sensors feature OE connectors and wire length within three inches of OE specifications. Nearly three-quarters of the line is the exact OE length for easier installations, less comebacks. mORE COvERAGE. In addition, Delphi planar oxygen sensors are configured and designed to replace previous conical sensor designs. In doing so, Delphi has significantly increased coverage, but decreased SKUs to optimize your selection process during repair. We call it intelligent SKU management… a simpler and quicker way to repair.

Even more, this catalog contains information things like oxygen sensor, and sensor technology.

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