Catalog of Design of Interface ASICs for Sensor and MEMS System

There are many discussion such as capacitive sensor interface, sensors, and sensor are described in this catalog. This catalog contains explanation such as interfacing, accuracy, and power capacitive sensor.

In the catalog we can get things like magnetic sensor, sensor interface, and capacitive sensor. These are excerpted from the catalog:

Thermocouples Vibrating/resonating MEMS Accelerometers Pressure sensors Strain gauges Magnetic sensors Photodiode sensors ‘Instrumentation’ (ECG, nerves, ultrasound) All published by Springer 7 Magnetic sensor interfacing • Giant-Magneto-Resistance sensor interface ASIC – Automotive application – Speed/direction detection in gearboxes – Concept definition up to production-ready ASIC • VHDL-AMS modeling of GMR magnetic sensor – Low power (2.5V in 0.65um CMOS) • Three-axis magnetic compass ASIC – Consumer application – 3-axis magnetic sensors •

Furthermore, the catalog gives us info regarding interface, sensor mems interfacing, and magnetic sensors.

Download Catalog of Design of Interface ASICs for Sensor and MEMS System pdf
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