Catalog of Futek Pressure Sensor

This catalog tells us discussion like pressure sensor, calibration, bridge resistance, and sensor. There are lots of information regarding signal, signal conditioner, mounting, and capacity are described in the catalog.

Inside the catalog the reader can find description related to system, instrument, output, and system calibration. These are grabbed from this catalog:

S ystem calibration is required when selecting a s ensor with an instrument as a package. System calibration includes i ntegration, setup, configuration, scaling and traceable calibration for b oth sensor & instrument together. System calibration records are a vailable at w a nd are very useful for trouble shoot ing & follow up. CABLE & CONNECTOR OPTIONS Cable Display FEATURE OPTIONS Dual/ Multiple Bridge Electrical Termination Teflon Bendix High Temperature Custom Capacities PVC Amphenol Cryogenic Magnetic Effect Polyurethane Lemo Wash-Down / Submersible Shunt Calibration Silicone Microtech ID Chip/ Auto Recognition Special/ Custom Calibration Hirose Matched, Normalized, Standardized or Trimmed Output Metric Thread Higher Bridge Resistance for Battery

In addition, this catalog presents information such as pressure, physical characteristics, and installation.

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