Catalog of HOWO Inductive Proximity Sensors

There are lots of information around proximity, output current, ambient temperature, and response frequency are presented inside this catalog. The catalog tells us information about response, supply voltage, inductive proximity, and metal proximity sensor.

In this catalog we can find information related to installation, inductive proximity sensor, sensor, and proximity sensor. These are taken from the catalog:

Inductive Proximity Sensor Explanation to terms Terms Terms Explanations Explanations When the standard detected object approaches the sensor along the inductive axis. it is the difference between the initial distance (action distance) and the distance leaving to beyond and just reset (reset distance). It is presented by the ratio (%) to the action distance. The difference should be remained in 10-20%. rated distance generally in order to prevent against the output skip caused by the vibration of the detected object. Indicated as below, it is the distance from the sensor to the point (maximum inductive distance) which is just detected when the standard detected object approaches slowly to the inductive part of the approach sensor.

Furthermore, the catalog explains information about ambient, distance, correction parameter, and current consumption.

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