Catalog of Inductive Proximity Sensors

There are many explanation like ranges, proximity, output, and current sensors are explained inside this catalog. This catalog presents info related to transducers, resolutions, current, and transmitters.

In this catalog you can learn things around pressure sensors, photoelectric sensors, analog output, and sensors. Below are excerpted from the catalog:

Photoelectric Sensors Section 19 • Use bookmarks to navigate by product category • Use bookmarks to save, search, print or e-mail the catalog section IEC Limit Switches Section 20 Section 21 Current Sensors Section 22 Pressure Sensors Section 23 Temperature Sensors Section 24 w w w. a u to m at i o n d i re c t . c o m / s e n s o rs Sensors Encoders • Click on part #s to link directly to our online store for current pricing, specs, stocking information and more Volume 13 e18-1 Our Sensors at a Glance

Additionally, this catalog contains more such as proximity sensors, temperature, pressure, and temperature sensors.

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