Catalog of Intelligent Opto Sensor

There are lots of explanation about ambient light sensor, light sensor, microcontroller, sensor, detector, and range are explained in this catalog. In the catalog the reader can get description related to interface, opto sensors, measurement, signal, and linear sensor.

This catalog presents explanation related to intelligent opto sensors, sensors, reflective color sensors, frequency converter, performance, and the light intensity. These are taken from the catalog:

These devices simplify the design by integrating a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier on a single monolithic IC, Figure 1. This family provides a linear output voltage that is proportional to the light intensity and they are packaged in a compact, three-leaded, plastic package. The members of the family are shown in Figure 2. The devices cover a wide range of speed and responsivity options to span a variety of applications. Members of the Light – to – Voltage Converter family are available in both clear and near -infrared (NIR) transmissive black plastic packages. Devices (TSL25X) packaged in clear plastic are responsive to all wavelengths from 350nm to 1000nm.

In addition, the catalog contains info such as optoelectronic, voltage converter, color sensors, light intensity, and light.

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