Catalog of Met One Air Temperature Sensor

In this catalog you can learn description regarding sensor, temperature sensor specifications, thermistor, and air temperature sensor. The catalog tells us information related to temperature sensor, temperature, and specifications.

Lots of info like range, accuracy, and signal are explained in the catalog. The following are selected from the catalog:

Air Temperature Sensor Air Temperature Sensor Met One Instruments’ temperature sensors are precision, extended-range thermistor devices that accurately measures ambient air temperature in field settings. This precise performance is a benefit of the sensors’ high resistance sensitivity, which eliminates problems associated with line lead length, noisy environments, and poor connections. FEATURES • Rapid response time; 10 seconds in still air • Calibration traceable to NIST • Interchangeable without recalibration • High resistance values to minimize signal line resistance 060A Air Temperature Sensor • ‘Free air’ suspension of thermistor bead Operation The solid-state, multi-element thermistor devices produce a relatively large resistance change per degree of temperature change, allowing the use of normal signal voltages without self-heating of the sensor.

In addition, the catalog contains more around resistance, sensor specifications, and range accuracy.

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