Catalog of OMRON ZX Series-Laser Measurement Sensor

There are lots of things related to sensor, laser measurement, photoelectric, measurement sensors, distance, measurement applications, and light intensity are described inside the catalog. Inside the catalog you can get info around operation, sensing distance, measurement, the light intensity, laser measurement sensors, and maximum intensity.

The catalog contains info such as amplifier, beam, detection, precision, sensor amplifier, and range. The following are some excerpt from this catalog:

This new generation of high-performance laser measurement sensors delivers three major advances Space-efficient modular sensor/amplifier design Easy-to-program amplifier Advanced PC control for setup, monitoring and data acquisition Why choose a measurement sensor? To maintain a competitive edge, you now need to collect more useful information and make high-speed Measurement sensors fill the void between conventional photoelectric and proximity sensors, even those with analog outputs, and low-cost vision sensors. They provide multiple discrimination limits allowing several qualitative decisions instead of just accept or reject.

Additionally, the catalog gives us more regarding smart sensor amplifier, smart sensor, measurement distance, photoelectric sensor, application, and intensity.

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