Catalog of Oxygen Sensor

In the catalog we can find things such as ambient pressure, and oxygen. This catalog presents discussion related to compensation, and oxygen sensor.

Lots of info regarding relative humidity, and ambient are presented inside the catalog. Below are excerpted from the catalog:

Measuring Range Electrical Connector M161010300 M161010301 0-100% Oxygen 0-100% Oxygen PCB w/gold contact Cable with plugs (2x) M161010302 M161010303 0-100% Oxygen 0-100% Oxygen RJ11 modular plug 4 pin male socket 4P4C M161010305 M161010306 0-100% Oxygen 0-100% Oxygen 3.5 mm mono jack 3 pin Molex M161010307 M161010308 0-100% Oxygen 0-100% Oxygen PCB w/gold contact Straight miniature power jack Normal Sensor Life ≥ 350,000% hours ≥ 350,000% hours ≥ 500,000% hours ≥ 500,000% hours ≥1,000,000% hours ≥1,000,000% hours ≥ 500,000% hours ≥ 750,000 % hours

Giving more content, this catalog presents info such as sensor, and humidity.

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