Catalog of Passive Current Sensor for Operation with The IC DRV 401

There are many info regarding signal, tolerances, applications, the compensation current, sensors, and hall effect sensors are presented in the catalog. This catalog contains explanation regarding accuracy, hall effect, current, compensation current, and the sensor module.

In the catalog we can read things regarding error, current sensors, compensation, passive current, and range. These are chosen from the catalog:

The patented VAC – principle of the closed-loop sensor with magnetic probe as zero-field detector is characterised by highest precision of the current measurement. The electronics to the passive VAC current sensors are outside of the sensor module. It is however almost completely concentrated in the new IC DRV401, which was developed together with a leading semiconductor manufacturer. The advantage of external electronics is among other things the availability of different auxiliary functions of the IC, which are not accessible with the likewise available Typees with integrated electronics.

Giving more content, the catalog explains discussion such as passive current censors, frequency range, sensor module, temperature range, and detection.

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