Catalog of Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors for Dynamic Measurement

This catalog presents things related to acceleration sensitivity, vibration, sensors, rise time, material, pressure sensors, temperature range, discharge time, and specifications. Many information regarding response, temperature, calibration, non resonant response, dynamic range, sensor, discharge time constant, and quartz are described in this catalog.

In the catalog the reader can find description regarding impedance, sensitivity, linearity, measurements, range, diaphragm, mounting, and pressure. Below are selected from the catalog:

TMS MICROPHONES AND ACOUSTIC ARRAYS The Gunnar Rasmussen “Signature Series” precision condenser microphones, preamps and power modules are offered through The Modal Shop. These microphones incorporate four decades of proven design experience in acoustic measurement technology. The Modal Shop also offers the “Acousticel”™, a low cost microphone for large channel vibro acoustic testing.

Furthermore, the catalog tells the reader info about time constant, resolution, temperature coefficient, applications, dynamic pressures, testing, sensing element, and model.

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