Catalog of Pressure Sensor

The catalog presents information regarding air quality sensor, and sensors. Inside this catalog we can learn information regarding measurement range, and accuracy.

There are lots of things such as pressure sensors, and pressure sensor are explained in this catalog. Here are selected from the catalog:

Pressure sensors Pressure sensors < 1 bar ZS 1 Pressure sensor ( 0 - 10 mbar ) ZS 2 Pressuresensor ( 0 – 1000 mbar) ZS 1 ZS 2 4-20 mA, or 0 -10 V 15-30 V DC input measurement range on enquiry for air not for aggressive medium and water piezo resistive cell for positive and negative under pressure measuring ZDT- N Difference pressure sensor ZAT- N Absolut pressure sensor ZDT- N ZAT- N new 4-20 mA or 0-10 V ( 0 –1:2.4; 0- 2,5,5 10 mbar ) ( 0-12.5;25,0 - 50 100,200 mbar) 4-20 mA or 0-10 V with and without display with and without switch function

Even more, the catalog tells you more things like amplifier, and temperature sensor.

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