Catalog of Revolutionize Silicon Pressure Tranduscer

Inside this catalog you can learn description like strain gages, wheatstone bridge, measurement, and pressure transducers. There are many info around pressure sensors, applications, and resistive strain gages are described in the catalog.

This catalog tells the reader information around pressure measurement, pressure, and range. These are some excerpt from the catalog:

Micromachined Modular Technology Pressure Sensors Generally, there are four strain gages, however, in some instances, only 2 are used, in which case, passive resistors are required to complete the Wheatstone Bridge. In this form, when voltage is applied to the “Bridge” across points C and A, any resistance change in the strain gages due to pressure or load, causes a change in the voltage at B and D. This differential voltage output across B and D is directly proportional to the pressure or load acting on the gages.

Giving more content, this catalog presents information about characteristics, electro mechanical, and transducers.

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