Catalog of Sunx Laser Sensor

In the catalog we can find information like range, emission, maximum operation distance, detection capability, and laser emission. There are many explanation regarding response time, distance, detection, and laser sensors are presented inside the catalog.

This catalog tells you info around sensor, laser, beam, and sensitivity. Below are chosen from the catalog:

2008 With laser technology—precision on the dot Compared to sensors that use LED light, laser sensors offer many decisive advantages. Due to its very nature, the laser beam ends in a point of light on the objects being sensed that is much smaller than that of LED sensors. This yields markedly higher accuracy, allowing machines to work more precisely and at higher speeds. Moreover, the comparatively “high energy” laser beam exhibits greater illuminance, which in turn improves sensing. In short, this means sensing that LS-400 is more “precise” and more “reliable”.

In addition, the catalog explains information around operation distance, sensing range, sensors, and photoelectric sensors.

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