Catalog of TELCON Hall Effect Current Sensors, Current Transformers & Toroidal Cores

There are many information regarding output, range, current measurement, power supply, and hall effect current are described inside the catalog. This catalog gives the reader information related to current, sensors, ranges, toroidal cores, and hall element.

Inside this catalog you can learn things about hall effect, effect current, applications, voltage output, and input. The following are chosen from the catalog:

Renewable Energy Applications from East to West Sunpath Wind Turbine Parabolic mirror Direct normal radiation Heat collecting element Generator Drive motor Solar tracking Inverter ®Registered Trademark TELCON HALL EFFECT CURRENT SENSORS 2 OPERATING PRINCIPLE Field due to secondary winding current n turns Field due to primary current Hall effect device Voltage generated across customer’s load resister Closed Loop 3 APPLICATIONS Variable speed drives Welding & Plasma Cutting Electric Vehicles Wind Energy Fuel Cells 4 Open Loop UPS Process control & monitoring Photovoltaic systems Solar Tracking Precision power supplies FEATURES High Accuracy Primary/Secondary isolation AC/DC pulse current measurement Ease of installation Wide dynamic range Proven track record TELCON HALL EFFECT CURRENT SENSORS 5 CLOSED LOOP RANGE HTP Range – PCB Mounting Our HTP range of products are PCB mounted units covering the range from 10A to 230A.The HTP50 range is designed for use wit

Also, the catalog tells you more such as measurement, performance, effect current sensors, and current sensors.

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