Catalog of VMT Image Processing and Laser Sensor System

Inside this catalog we can get info about automated calibration, accuracy, position, laser, sensor, and position recognition. This catalog gives the reader things about network, interfaces, task management, image, recognition data, and characteristics.

There are many discussion like position recognition, application, password management, illumination, image resolution, and identification are explained inside this catalog. Here are chosen from this catalog:

VMT OCR VMT IS VMT IS VMT IS/V VMT ACS VMT GEO VMT VISION MACHINE TECHNIC BILDVERARBEITUNGS THE COMPANY VMT® provides individual turnkey image processing and laser sensor systems for nearly all industrial fields, ranging from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industry. The members of the VMT team of highly qualified experts have 20 years of experience in industral image processing. Door disassembly on lacquered car bodies using a vision guided robot Test of adhesive beads on vehicles doors Depalletizing of crankcases using a vision guided robot THE MARKETS s The whole automotive industry and all the relevant suppliers s Suppliers of automated industrial facilities, robot manufacturers, and system companies s Machine engineering and handling equipment suppliers s Pharmaceutic industry, medical technology, food industry s Press shops s Foundries Testing a parking brake for correct and complete assembly s 3D contour check s In-line-measurement

Additionally, the catalog explains discussion things like recognition, quality, expansion cards, user interface, and interface.

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