Cavity Pressure Sensor

There are many things such as type, sensor, molding process, and injection molding are described inside this datasheet. The datasheet gives us things about cavity pressure sensor, cavity pressure, molding, mounting nut, and pressure sensor type.

In this datasheet the reader can find explanation around connecting cable, pressure sensor, cable, and injection. Below are some excerpt from the datasheet:

Due to the very small dimensions the cavity pressure sensor type 6008A can be used even in molds with very limited space available. The sensor is compatible to other on the market available sensors, however it provides two essential advantages: on the one hand the cable can be replaced if damaged, and on the other hand the cable is equipped with a secure shielding. Therefore interference signals from the mold based on a missing ground closure are excluded. The sensor can be easily connected both to a PRIAMUSĀ® charge amplifier or to charge amplifiers of other manufactures. The sensors including connecting cable can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath (aqueous tenside solution) together with the mold inserts if a sealed protecting cap is used. By standard the pressure sensors are delivered with a mounting nut (standard-mounting). Alternatively the pressure sensors can also be installed with a distance sleeve.

Furthermore, the datasheet explains more such as injection molding process, installation, cavity, and measuring range.

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