CI-6504A and CI-6604 :Pasco’s Light Sensor and High Sensitivity Light Sensor

Inside this instruction sheet we can find explanation around specifications, sensitivity, response curve, monochromatic light, output signal, threaded connector, pin, interference patterns, apparatus, gain, equipment, setup window, sensitivity light, intensity, experiment setup, experimental apparatus, and channels gain. The instruction sheet contains things regarding computer interface, sensitivity light sensor, experiment setup window, fiber optics, power, shipment, equipment return, maximum input, light, light, probe, fiber optics probe, instruction sheet, scientific, ground, and connection.

Many information like photodiode, analog channels, experiment, digital channels gain, channel, gain setting, response, calibration, light sensor, levels, cable, interface cable, high sensitivity, optics probe, instruction, sensor, and analog output signal are described in this instruction sheet. Here are some excerpt from this instruction sheet:

The PASCO CI-6504A Light Sensor and CI-6604 High Sensitivity Light Sensor are designed to be used with a PASCO computer interface to make measurements of relative light intensity. Through the use of the gain options on the sensor box and within Science Workshop®, the Light Sensor has a working range of up to seven orders of magnitude,
allowing application across a wide range of lighting levels. The CI-6504A is best suited for experiments performed at ambient light levels. At the lower end of the range, interference patterns of monochromatic light after it passes through single or multiple slits can be measured; at the higher end, measurements can be made of relative light intensities of daylight. T

In addition, the instruction sheet contains more around connector specifications, sheet, interface, range switch settings, voltage, spectral response, product, input, calibration window, digital channels, setting, range, connector, display, setup, and analog output.

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