Circuits as A Sensor, A Practical Concept for Electronic Prognostics

The paper tells us things related to circuit, degradation, signal, health management, communication, weapon systems, acquisition equipment, digital data, cyclic redundancy, processing, systems, preset configurations, fault, and health assessment. In the paper we can find info such as performance, effects, assessment, receiver, detection, data, data acquisition, engineering, prognostic, health, failure, maintenance, software, and damage.

Lots of things like component degradation, transmission, system level, modulation, failure progression, technology, management technologies, condition based maintenance, radio, electronic, errors, mechanical engineering, prognostic capability, and sensor are explained inside the paper. The following are excerpted from this paper:

Practical condition assessment and prediction of remaining useful life for electronic communication and weapon systems offers significant potential for improved readiness and field reliability of military and civilian defense systems. Modern systems, operating in the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum, employ significant digital signal processing and data management elements central to their core design purpose, offering an opportunity to exploit available data for condition monitoring and health assessment.

In addition, this paper tells the reader more regarding electronic systems, frequency, signal processing, capability, packet error, communication system, diagnostic, error information, prediction, prognostic health management, simulation, profiles, and technologies.

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