Circuits of Capacitive Position Sensors

Many info related to virtual ground, capacitive sensor, interface, electrostatic forces, noise, power, capacitive sensor interface, sensor, phase, and demodulator are described in the presentation. Inside this presentation you can learn information such as correlated double sampling, position, double sampling, signal, position sense circuits, sampling, multiplier, capacitors, and filter.

The presentation presents explanation around circuits, offset, position sense, sensing parasitics, drift reduction, bootstrapping, sense circuits, sensing, and gain. These are grabbed from this presentation:

Capacitive Position Sense Circuits © 1996 B. Boser 9 Parasitic Electrostatic Force Example: anchor suspension C s1 C s2 CVx2 F= 2d Vx substrate Capacitive Position Sense Circuits © 1996

Giving more content, this presentation presents info about sensor interface, electrical interface, drift, resistor, capacitive position sense, lowpass filter, amplifier, time constant, and substrate capacitive position.

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