Commercial DPDM CMOS Pocess for Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Fabrication

Many info regarding sensor, structure, piezoresistive micro pressure, piezoresistive pressure sensor, diaphragm geometry, design, and pressure sensor are described inside the paper. In the paper the reader can read description related to layers, paper, chip, cmos pressure sensor, cmos, material, and pressure loading.

The paper contains information regarding temperature, piezoresistors, sensor chip, voltage, cmos process, silicon, and sensitivity. Here are chosen from this paper:

The structure layers follow the design rules of the CMOS 0.8 mm DPDM (Double-Polysilicon-Double-Metal) multiple-project-wafer foundry service provided by the Chip Implementation Center, Taiwan. We used a finite element method software ANSYS to analyze the mechanical behavior of the pressure sensor and used the commercial software CADENCE to design the structure layout. After the CMOS process and the MEMS post- process, two CMOS pressure sensors with different diaphragm thickness were packaged and tested.

Even more, this paper contains more about engineering, pressure, analysis, diaphragm, diaphragm structure, process, and equation.

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