Contactless Resonant MEMS Force Sensor

In the paper you can learn info regarding sensing, load, system, axial, force actuation, response, resonant, resonance frequency, and resonant frequency. Lots of discussion related to actuation, applied axial load, sinusoidal signal, lorentz force actuation, external force, signal, displacement, sensing inductor, and resonant force are presented inside the paper.

This paper presents explanation around axial load, compressive axial force, eddy currents, frequency response, axial force, inductive sensor, force sensor, inductor, and beam. The following are some excerpt from the paper:

In this paper an innovative micromachined resonant force sensor, based on magnetic remote readout and actuation strategy is presented. The device resonance frequency changes in presence of the compressive axial-force to be measured due to changes in the device elastic properties; the sensor is driven to resonance by using externally induced Lorentz forces and the output is then obtained via an inductive pick-up.

Giving more content, this paper contains more such as device, resonance, incremental displacement, sensor, resonant force sensor, strategy, force, frequency, and system response.

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