Coolant Temperature Sensor, A Technical Article

This technical article tells the reader discussion such as temperature, replacing the sensor, computer, temperature sensor, coolant temperature, operation, and coolant temp reading. In this technical article the reader can read information related to voltage pull down, reading, resistance, fuel delivery, coolant, code, and reference voltage.

Many information about spark, voltage pull, engine, fuel, voltage, voltage reference signal, and ground are presented inside this technical article. Here are selected from this technical article:

Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) The CTS is one of the most vital sensors used by the ECM. It tells the ECM what the temperature of the engine is (or at least the temperature of the coolant running thru the engine). On most stock Fieros, the ECM uses this sensor to calculate ignition spark advance, fuel delivery to the engine, engine idle speed, EGR operation, torque converter clutch enable, and whether or not to permit closed loop fuel operation (which will be discussed in the next article) among other things.

Giving more content, the technical article explains information things like ecm, reference signal, signal, sensor, reference, and voltage reference.

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