Coolant Temperature Sensor Product Data

Lots of information about calibration, resistance temperature characteristic, temperature, sensor product data, temperature sensor, and medium silicone oil are described in this datasheet. This datasheet presents discussion regarding step change, constant, data, application, and resistance.

In the datasheet you can read explanation regarding test medium, thermistor, medium silicone, accuracy, sensor, and time constant. Below are grabbed from the datasheet:

Step Change in Temperature Temperature 5V Rpull-up Tc Sensor Thermal Response 500 ECM τ Time Sensor A/D Converter GND ‡ The ratio, at a specified ambient temperature, of the change in the power dissipation of the sensor to the resultant temperature change of the thermistor.

Even more, this datasheet explains discussion things like thermal time constant, ambient temperature, thermal time, temperature characteristic, and sensor product.

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