CS4500-Speed Sensor Datasheet

Inside this datasheet you can learn things related to ultrasonic speed, sensor, and data. Lots of things such as ultrasonic speed sensor, and housings are described inside this datasheet.

This datasheet contains explanation about ultrasonic, accuracy, and speed sensor. Here are selected from the datasheet:

Airmar’s CS4500 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor delivers. Ultra-accuracy is foremost! With no moving parts, the ultrasonic sensor is capable of speed reading accuracy as low as 0.1 knots (0.1 MPH). By eliminating the traditional paddlewheel, there is no fouling, and drag is reduced to a minimum. Unlike paddlewheels, the CS4500 is engineered to measure water speed below the turbulent boundary layer of the hull, resulting in accurate clean-water readings. Tried and True Technology The innovation doesn’t stop here.

Even more, the datasheet presents information things like frequency, and speed.

Download CS4500-Speed Sensor Datasheet pdf
File size: 0.441 MB, number of pages: 4, download server: www.airmartechnology.com
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