CSLA Series Linear Current Sensor from Honeywell

In this catalog we can find things around sensitivity, mount, sensing, current, shift, new interactive catalog, effect, interactive catalog, peak, response, and source. There are many information such as response time, linear current sensors, capacitor, solid state sensors, catalog listing, clamping voltage, honeywell, side mount, output, and series are explained inside this catalog.

This catalog gives you information like catalog, temperature, linear current, sensor, control, offset voltage, voltage, time, current sensor, honeywell sensing, and listing. These are chosen from the catalog:

The Interactive Catalog is a power search tool that makes it easier to find product information. It includes more installation, application, and technical information than ever before. When monitoring purely AC current with zero DC component, a capacitor can be inserted in series with the output of the current sensor. The capacitor will block out the effect of the temperature variation of the offset voltage which increases the accuracy of the device.

In addition, the catalog presents info things like offset shift, supply current, sensor source, supply, housing, offset, temperature variation, mounting, output sensitivity, and source output sensitivity.

Download CSLA Series Linear Current Sensor from Honeywell pdf
File size: 0.386 MB, number of pages: 6, download server: www.mosaico.com.br
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