CSN Series : Honeywell’s Magnetoresistive Closed Loop Current Sensor

There are lots of info related to voltage source, load, accuracy, control, sensing, supply, instructions, product, power, temperature, offset drift, and internal voltage are presented in the pro. This pro tells us things around external voltage, output, power supply, voltage reference mode, current, applications, offset current, range, application assistance, reference mode, and resistance.

Inside the pro you can read description about external, products, thermal drift, primary pins, sensor, pins, current sensor, reference voltage source, application, performance, voltage, and external voltage reference. Here are some excerpt from this pro:

The CSN Series MR current sensor builds on patented Honeywell technology to offer superior sensor performance and accuracy in current measuring applications. The current sensor utilises an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and a magnetoresistive (MR) Honeywell magnetic sensor to provide extremely low offset drift with temperature resulting in stable, repeatable, accurate measurements. This is achieved by using an ASIC to exploit the unique features of the MR sensor. There is virtually no offset drift over the entire operating temperature range. The sensor operates from a +5 V unipolar supply and has an accessible, internal 2.5 V voltage reference. The sensor can operate from either the internal voltage reference or an external voltage reference, thus enabling several sensors to be used without offset imbalance.

Additionally, this pro presents discussion such as primary current, temperature range, reference voltage, installation, connection, drift, current output, internal voltage reference, supply voltage, output current, and operating temperature.

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