Current Sensor Circuit for High Power Appliance “ON” Detection

Many info such as transistors, input, high output, and flow are described inside the design note. The design note contains information such as transformer, capacitor, current, and output.

Inside this design note we can read explanation related to non inverting input, current sensor, base, and transistor. Below are selected from this design note:

It uses transistors in the input to provide very high input impedance (1.5 T-ohms), very low input current (10 pA) and high-speed switching performance. The high output from IC2 is used to activate a simple oscillator comprising transistors T2 and T3, resistors R8 and R10, and capacitor C2. This high output drives transistor T1 into conduction and the reset pin of IC2 becomes low, which enables IC2. This sequence of IC2 output at Q9 becoming high and conduction of transistors T2 and T3 resulting in beep sound repeats at short intervals.

Giving more content, the design note tells the reader info things like high current, appliances, and voltage.

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