CurrentWatch Current Sensors

Inside the application note the reader can get things like analog outputs, information, mounting accessory, series, current switch, switch, installation, conductor, supply, loop powered models, current sensing, sensor, housing, and signal. Many info regarding range, motor, powered sensor, monitored wire, diagram, auxiliary powered models, loop, external power supply, equipment protection, switches, core, time, drive, and products are explained in the application note.

This application note gives the reader discussion around power, wire connection, output, sensing ranges, motors, power supply, wiring, monitor, applications, equipment, current sensors, split core housing, current, and wire. These are excerpted from the application note:

Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer CurrentWatch family of current sensors provide high performance AC or DC current sensing for industrial use. These devices are ideal for providing status information or protection for electrified equipment. The CurrentWatch series is accurate, highly reliable and perfect for new or retrofit applications. With models measuring up to
2,000 amps AC and 300 amps DC, CurrentWatch products can be used in a wide range of applications such as equipment monitoring, fan status, pump status and equipment protection. Target applications for current sensors include:detecting locked rotors; loss of load; open heater or lamp load;pump jams; suction loss;motor wellness; belt loss or slippage; and general mechanical wear or failure

Additionally, the application note gives the reader information such as protection, load, application, monitored conductor, application note, adjustable set point, system, wiring diagram, status, sensing, loop powered sensor, introduction, voltage, and control.

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