Datasheet Distance Sensor VDm28-8-L-IO/73C/136

This datasheet tells us info like specifications, switching threshold, distance sensor, sensor, and measuring range. Inside this datasheet you can read info such as short circuit, output, mounting, threshold, and range.

There are lots of info around ambient light, distance, distance sensor vdm28, accuracy, and distance sensor are described in the datasheet. Below are grabbed from this datasheet:

Technical data Accessories General specifications Light source Angle deviation Approvals Laser class Measuring method Measuring range Reference target Light type Diameter of the light spot Ambient light limit Temperature influence Functional safety related parameters MTTFd Mission Time (TM) Diagnostic Coverage (DC) Indicators/operating means Operating display Function display Teach-In indication Operating elements Ripple No-load supply current UB I0 Interface Interface type Protocol Cycle time Mode Process data witdh SIO mode support OMH-07 Mounting aid OMH-21 Mounting aid OMH-22 Mounting aid 200 a 20 a 0% OMH-MLV11-K Mounting aid 10 … 30 V DC / when operating in IO link

Even more, this datasheet tells the reader discussion things like distance, interface, error, and protection.

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