Datasheet for Banner Sensor Interface Modules-PPSIM

This datasheet presents discussion like interface, ppsim, interface modules, and sensors. There are lots of explanation regarding sensor, ppsim sensor interface, and wiring are presented in the datasheet.

Inside this datasheet you can read explanation around sensor interface modules, sensor interface, and ppsim sensor. These are selected from the datasheet:

ensor Interface Modules DC-Powered Interface for PresencePLUS ® P4 Sensors Features • Low-cost interface between user’s hardware and PresencePLUS P4 sensors • Available with two methods for connecting to sensor, depending on model: – 13-pin terminal strip for cordset with flying leads – DB-15 connector for model P4C..SIM cordsets (see Cables on page 4) • Available in current sinking (NPN) or current sourcing (PNP) output models Model PPSIM..T (Terminal strip connection) • LED indicators for sensor status and active outputs • Integral External Trigger and Remote TEACH push buttons • Easy-to-adjust 45° screw terminals for electrical wiring • Built-in RS-232 serial port connector (DB-9, Female) •

Also, the datasheet presents more such as interface module, sensor status, and modules.

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