Datasheet for Current Sensor : ACS754xCB-050

Inside this datasheet the reader can read info about response time, performance, offset, range, current, temperature accuracy, isolation voltage, and flux concentrator. This datasheet presents information around the magnetic offset, transducer, magnetic, error, current sensor, accuracy, and sensitivity.

Lots of things about frequency bandwidth, noise, sensor, performance characteristics, maximum measurable current, magnetic offset, and characteristics are explained inside this datasheet. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

The device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path located near the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which is sensed by the integrated Hall IC and converted into a proportional voltage. Device accuracy is optimized through the close proximity of the magnetic signal to the Hall transducer. A precise, proportional voltage is provided by the low-offset, chopperstabilized BiCMOS Hall IC, which is programmed for accuracy at the factory. The output of the device has a positive slope (>VCC / 2) when an increasing current flows through the primary copper conduction path (from terminal 4 to terminal 5), which is the path used for current sensing.

Additionally, this datasheet contains more things like time tresponse, supply current, distance current, current flow, primary current signal, output voltage, and linearity.

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