Datasheet for DC Current Transducer DCT-700A

Inside this datasheet you can learn description related to bandwidth, hall effect sensors, transducer, and range. This datasheet presents things regarding amplifier, specification, and compensation current.

There are lots of explanation like response, current, and current transducer are presented in the datasheet. The following are taken from the datasheet:

The necessity to measure currents in the industry has been, together with sensing voltage, the most important tools for proceedings control’s. However, current sensing is more complicated than voltage sensing, specially with DC currents. There are many solutions for current measurement, such as conventional current transformers, shunt resistors, hall effect sensors or rogowsky coils, which have been used for many years, but all of them have the same problem: a bad response operaing at high currents and high frequencies.

Also, the datasheet explains info regarding measurements, compensation winding, and compensation.

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