Datasheet for High Precision GPS Speed Sensor

Inside this datasheet we can read description like speed sensor, speed, interfaces, speed information, and sensor. This datasheet presents information regarding acceleration, the speed signal, sensors, data acquisition, and speed measurement.

Many explanation such as precision gps speed, precision, acquisition system, interface, and data acquisition system are explained inside this datasheet. These are some excerpt from the datasheet:

xProGPS can be used in three different ways: – as a sensor to be integrated in a signal chain – in combination with a Laptop and xProGPS SW – as a stand-alone data acquisition system xProGPS SENSOR SYSTEM As a sensor system xProGPS provides speed information and other information via the system’s interfaces. Special efforts have been made for this system concerning flexibility and a high grade of test organization and xProGPS PLUS LAPTOP In combination with a Laptop and the MS-Windows based software package xProGPS, the xProGPS speed sensor turns into a fully featured data acquisition system for performance test applications.

Additionally, this datasheet explains discussion such as sensor system, acquisition, gps, and optical sensors.

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