Datasheet for LM10 Micro Laser Sensor

There are lots of info like error, inductive proximity sensors, measurement, pressure sensors, displacement sensor, proximity sensors, and output are presented inside this datasheet. This datasheet tells the reader things like laser displacement sensor, systems, measurement sensors, proximity, micro laser, and laser sensor.

Inside the datasheet we can learn description like resolution, controller, intensity, sensors, pressure, beam sensors, and laser. Below are excerpted from this datasheet:

The LM10 makes laser sensors super easy to use! High-precision measurements, comparative output (amount of light / displacement) function Selection Guide Laser Displacement HL-C2 HL-C1 LM10 In addition to conventional analog output, it is equipped with standard ON / OFF control output (single / double comparator) enabling its use as a photoelectric sensor. It is compatible for “micro-spotting” and “high-precision” applications normally reserved for lasers. GP-A Collimated Beam Sensors HL-T1 LM10 uses the single-channel IC, which reduces the dual-channel processing requirement of conventional products to a single channel. Building the arithmetic circuits into the IC has made it possible to reduce costs.

Giving more content, the datasheet gives us discussion around photoelectric sensors, distance, measuring range, comparator, laser sensors, and sensor.

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