Datasheet for MX1C Self Contained Laser Displacement Sensors

Inside this datasheet the reader can read info like light, distance, sensor, range, laser, analog output, proximity, and output. This datasheet presents discussion about reflective sensor, laser sensors, communication, receiver, laser beam, light source, interfaces, and photoelectric sensors.

Lots of things about performance, sensing range, networking, retro reflective sensor, sensors, mounting, signal, and sensors are presented inside this datasheet. Here are taken from this datasheet:

Sensors Distance: MX1C Distance: MX1C Operator Interfaces PLCs Self-Contained Laser Displacement Sensors Automation Software • Analog output (20 to 4mA) can be selected for continuous values; digital output (on/off) can be used; or both can be used together • Miniature sensor head is compact for high-density installations • Visible beam is easy to align with target • Adjustable response speed • Shape, size, color and material do not detract from accurate measurement (see note) • Wide sensing range: 2.36” to 6.30” (60mm to 160mm) • A ten-dot dynamic display shows detected positions •

Also, the datasheet explains discussion around response, beam sensors, detection, characteristics, operator interfaces, laser sensor, beam, and light sensors.

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