Datasheet for PCS Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit

Inside this datasheet we can find description like speed sensor kit, speed, and hall effect. Many explanation about sensor output, and speed sensor are explained inside the datasheet.

This datasheet gives you explanation such as polar speed, and sensor. Below are chosen from this datasheet:

Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit Part #SNS-5001, #SNS-5002, #SNS-5003, #SNS-5004 Speed Sensor Kit Contents • • • • 1 – Two Piece Collar with Two Magnets Installed 2 – Stainless #8-32 x 1/2” with split lock washers 1 – Sensor Bracket* 1 – Stainless 3/8”-24 Threaded Body Hall-Effect Omni-Polar Speed Sensor with Internal Pull-up Resistor and two 3/8”-24 Nuts* • 1 – Harness with 4-pin CPC Mate to Speed Sensor Connector, 10-Foot length, Unterminated End *NOTE: Part Number SNS-5004 is designed for use with the Strange Engineering Ford 9” Ultra Case.

Additionally, this datasheet contains more things like the speed sensor, and polar speed sensor.

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