Datasheet for Po188 Ambient Light Sensor

There are many things around current, light sensor ■, and sensor are described in this datasheet. This datasheet contains things related to ambient, ambient light sensor, and output current.

In the datasheet the reader can read information like visible light, light sensor, and optical filter. Below are excerpted from the datasheet:

The Po188 is a photoelectrical integrated optical sensor designed at λp=520nm, with double sensitive receiver. It is highly sensitive to visible light, and varies linearly with illumination changing. It is used in saving energy, automatic sensitivity to light, and self-adaptive control in TV, LCD back light, Digital code product, instrument, industry device etc. ■ Electric Characteristic Small dark current, low illumination response, high sensibility, output current in proportion to illumination; Built in double sensitive receiver and Optical filter-less, attenuate near infrared automatically. Spectral response close to human eye sensitivity;

Even more, this datasheet tells the reader information such as ambient light, light, and illumination.

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