Datasheet for Sun Wireless Ambient Light Sensor

Lots of things about ethernet, power supply, networks, sensor, temperature sensors, and threshold are presented inside this datasheet. The datasheet gives you explanation around sensor networks, light, data acquisition, ecosensor, and wireless sensor.

Inside this datasheet you can read things related to ambient light sensor, ambient, threshold levels, acquisition, sensors, and the data acquisition. Below are chosen from the datasheet:

SUN EcoSensor Wireless ambient light sensor New Product Ultra-low Consumption Light Sensor Data Logger 32 700 data acquisition No need of calibration EcoSensor powered by Beanair® Low cost & small package IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Stack Very easy to install Applications   Ambient Light sensor with a measurement range: 0,1 to 40000 Lux  Very small (55 mm x 53 mm x 35 mm) & watertight enclosure (IP65)  Ultra-low power consumption technology IEEE 802.15.4 (Current consumption in sleeping mode < 15uA) with a maximum autonomy of 8 years  Embedded Data Logger : up to 32 700 data acquisition records (with events dating)   Maximum Radio range : 1km (L.O.S)  « Plug and Play » installation : requires no knowledge of wireless technology Entirely autonomous system : powered by a Lithium-thionyl chloride primary battery Agriculture   Greenhouse monitoring  Main Features Solar Panels Monitoring Technical Building Managemen

Furthermore, this datasheet contains discussion about light sensor, measurement range, sun ecosensor, current consumption, and wireless sensor networks.

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