Datasheet for SUNROM Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Many information around systems, baud rate, and range are presented inside the datasheet. The datasheet tells you explanation about serial output, and serial data.

In the datasheet you can learn information regarding microcontroller, output, and serial output data. These are some excerpt from the datasheet:

Minimum range 10 centimeters Maximum range 400 centimeters (4 Meters) Accuracy of +-1 cm Resolution 0.1 cm 5V DC Supply voltage Compact sized SMD design Modulated at 40 kHz Serial data of 9600 bps TTL level output for easy interface with any microcontroller Specification Parameter Supply Voltage Supply Current Output Data speed Output Data Format Value 5 15 9600 8-N-1 Unit V mA Bps 8 data bytes, no parity, 1 stop bit Pin Details 123 Pin 1 – GND 2 – +5V 3 – Serial Out 9600 Value Supply Ground Supply +5V Serial output data (TTL 5V level) at 9600 baud rate

In addition, this datasheet gives the reader information regarding output data, and sample.

Download Datasheet for SUNROM Ultrasonic Distance Sensor pdf
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