Datasheet for TD Series Temperature Sensor

Lots of explanation about liquid temperature sensor, sensitivity, temperature range, point comparator interface, temperature sensors, and response time are explained in this datasheet. Inside the datasheet you can get description about sensors, range, temperature, linearity, and sensor.

The datasheet contains explanation around temperature sensors, circuit, liquid temperature, stability, interface, and response. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

Interchangeable without sensor-tosensor recalibration Very small thermal mass for fast response Air or liquid temperature sensing Linear temperature sensitivity Proven thin film processing reliability Low cost Long term stability 2000 ohms nominal resistance at 20°C TYPICAL APPLICATIONS HVAC – room, duct and refrigerant temperature Motors – overload protection Electronic circuits – semiconductor protection Process control – temperature regulation Automotive – air or oil temperature Appliances – cooking temperature TD4A Liquid temperature sensor TD4A liquid temperature sensor is a twoterminal threaded anodized aluminum housing.

Even more, this datasheet gives us more around comparator interface, linear output, temperature regulation, temperature sensor, and comparator.

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