Datasheet for VDM28-8-L-IO/73c/136 Distance Sensor

In the datasheet we can learn information related to error, specifications, and accuracy. This datasheet contains discussion like distance sensor, circuit, and switching threshold.

There are many things around sensor, interface, and range are described inside this datasheet. These are grabbed from this datasheet:

The VDM28 distance measurement device employs Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT). It has a repeat accuracy of 5 mm with an operating range of 0.2 … 8 m and an absolute accuracy of 25 mm. The sensor is highly resistant to ambient conditions. The compact housing of the Series 28 photoelectric sensors, with dimensions of 88 mm (height), 26 mm (width) and 54 mm (depth), make it the smallest device available in its class. 4 2 Description 3 Indicators/operating means 5 2 3 2 1 Operating display SET

In addition, this datasheet explains discussion things like distance, and distance sensor.

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