Datasheet of 014A Wind Speed Sensor

This datasheet contains information such as wind speed sensor, wind, and range. There are many explanation related to speed sensor, speed, and sensor are described in this datasheet.

In this datasheet you can find information related to operating range, accuracy, and distance. Below are excerpted from the datasheet:

Wind Speed Sensor 014A The Model 014A Wind Speed Sensor is an accurate, durable and economical anemometer suitable for a wide range of wind study applications. Specifications Range: Starting Threshold: Accuracy: Distance Constant Standard: Fast Response: Operating Range: Weight: Contact Rating: Mounting: Ordering Information Standard Model: Fast Response Model: Cable: 0-100 mph 1.0 mph ±0.25 mph or 1.5% FS Less than 15 ft (Metal Cup) Less than 5 ft (Lexan Cup) -50°C to +70°C 11 oz (.31 kg) 10 mA maximum PN 191 Crossarm 014A (Metal Cup) 014A-1 (Lexan Cup) PN 1805-xx (xx=length in ft) Met One Instruments, Inc.

In addition, this datasheet tells us info regarding applications, and wind speed.

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