Datasheet of 10-Bit Digital Temperature Sensor in 6 Lead SOT-23

Inside this datasheet we can learn things like sensor, measurement, chip temperature sensor, conversion, oscillator, and temperature error. Lots of info related to circuit, output, digital converter, internal clock oscillator, and timing diagram are presented in the datasheet.

The datasheet contains things about power dissipation, range, interface, diagram, operating temperature range, and microcontrollers. Here are taken from the datasheet:

a 10-Bit Digital Temperature Sensor in 6-Lead SOT-23 AD7814 FEATURES 10-Bit Temperature-to-Digital Converter –55 C to +125 C Operating Temperature Range 2 C Accuracy SPI- and DSP-Compatible Serial Interface Shutdown Mode Space-Saving SOT-23 Package APPLICATIONS Hard Disk Drives Personal Computers Electronic Test Equipment Office Equipment Domestic Appliances Process Control FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM BAND GAP TEMPERATURE SENSOR 10-BIT ANALOG/DIGITAL CONVERTER GND VDD TEMPERATURE VALUE REGISTER AD7814 SERIAL BUS INTERFACE CS SCLK DIN DOUT GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD7814 is a complete temperature monitoring system in a SOT-23 package or 8-lead MSOP package.

Furthermore, the datasheet contains information such as temperature conversion, interface circuit, serial interface, temperature sensor, and temperature range.

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