Datasheet of 2 Channel Speed Sensor-GL 247

Lots of discussion around signal, square wave signals, design, and wave signals are presented in this datasheet. This datasheet presents information related to speed sensor, speed, output current, and temperature range.

Inside this datasheet the reader can get explanation related to measurement, signals, output signal, and sensor. The following are excerpted from the datasheet:

Speed sensor based on magnetic measurement principle Maintenance- and wear-free operation due to non-contact measurement of rotation Safe detection of very slow rotation from 0 Hz without pulse loss and for high-speed rotation up to 25 kHz Suitable for ferromagnetic target wheels Two channels shifted by 90° provide the direction of rotation Robust and compact stainless steel housing suitable for harsh fittings conditions Simple flange mounting Customized cable fittings

Giving more content, the datasheet presents discussion about signal pattern, range, and output.

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