Datasheet of Aanderaa Wind Speed Sensor 2740/2740EX

The datasheet contains explanation such as output signals, calibration, maximum wind speed, speed, and automatic weather station. In the datasheet we can get description around micro controller, the sampling interval, inductive switch, signals, and sampling interval.

There are lots of discussion about sampling, average wind speed, wind, average wind, and output are described inside the datasheet. Here are grabbed from the datasheet:

Wind Speed Sensor 2740/2740EX A sensor for measuring the average and sensor maximum wind speed (gust) during the sampling interval. The coefficients are: A 0 C 0 B 7.770E-02 D For previously supplied wind speed sensors with the old Three-Cup Rotor 2228 the coefficients are: A = 4.000 E-01 B = 7.460 E-02 C and D = 0 0 The raw data readings (N) from the sensor are converted to engineering units by the following formula: Wind (m/s) = A + BN + CN2 + DN3 Visit our Web site for the latest version of this document and more information Aanderaa is a trademark of Xylem Inc.

Additionally, this datasheet presents discussion about sensor, speed sensor, wind speed sensor, maximum wind, and wind speed.

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