Datasheet of Accurange AR100 Laser Distance Sensor

Lots of info such as the measurement range, communications, accuracy, output, laser distance sensor, the laser beam, and measurement are described in this datasheet. This datasheet tells the reader things regarding the serial interface, distance, interface, analog output, configuration, and serial communications.

In this datasheet you can get things about signal, the analog output, laser, error, distance measurement, and wiring diagram. Here are grabbed from this datasheet:

Below is a short view of the commands accepted through the AR1000 serial protocol: Command ID DT DS DW DX DF DM TP SA SD ST SF SE AC AH AW HO HF RB RE RM TD TM BR AS OF Description Online Help menu Starts distance tracking Starts distance tracking 7 m Starts distance tracking on white target at 10 Hz Starts distance tracking on white target at 50 Hz Starts remote-triggered single distance measurement (single shot) Starts single distance measurement (single shot) Queries inner temperature Queries / sets floating average value (1 …20) Queries / sets output format (decimel/hex) Queries / sets time to measure (0…25) Queries / sets scale factor Queries / sets error mode (0, 1, 2) Queries / sets alarm start point Queries / sets alarm hysteresis Queries / sets alarm width Queries / sets heater temperature ON value Queries / sets heater temperature OFF value Queries / sets beginning of range (4 mA) Queries / sets end of range (20 mA) Queries / sets removal of measured value Queries / set

In addition, the datasheet explains info around power supply voltage, sensor operation, sensor, sensor output, default configuration, and the serial communications.

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