Datasheet of Amplifier for Light Sensor

This datasheet presents info about internal amplifier, light sensor range, and amplifier. Many information like sensor range, sensors, and channel sensors are explained inside this datasheet.

In this datasheet you can find information regarding light sensor, range, and sensor. Here are taken from this datasheet:

LIGHT Amplifiers for Light Sensors For compatibility with all dataloggers and controllers For use with any of Skye’s light sensor range Voltage or current outputs High specification, low noise amplification Skye Instruments have been specialist manufacturers of light and radiation sensors since 1983. They design, manufacture and calibrate to National Standards a wide range of sensors in the UV, visible and near infra-red wavelengths, suitable for plant research, meteorology and environmental monitoring. Standard Skye light sensors have low mA current or mV voltage outputs, often not suitable for industrial dataloggers, controllers and PLCs.

In addition, this datasheet contains information things like light, light sensors, and an internal amplifier.

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